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Paso Robles Septic Service

Welcome to Ingram and Greene Sanitation. Since our foundation in 1952, we have remained family owned and operated, servicing the Central Coast with unmatched and relentless sanitation service for well over 60 years.

We pride in our reputation built solely on honesty, reliability, and an outstanding work ethic; as veterans in the sanitation industry, we have taken our 60+ years of experience to perfect the art of customer service.

We have proven to our customers time and time again that we are a team of dependable Septic Tank Pumping Paso Robles engineers, with an unrelenting desire to take all of your septic troubles and dispose of them in the timeliest and professional way we can, after all, here at Ingram and Greene Sanitation, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Ingram and Greene Sanitation has been servicing the Central Coast longer than any other business in our field; our owner and operator shows up at all of our job sites to make sure things are going as intended. For your peace of mind, we are completely licensed and we also have a General A Engineer contractor. With our high quality products and competitive pricing, we are the best choice for septic Paso Robles service and septic service for all of the Central Coast.

The longest operating septic tank servicing company in SLO County

When working in the sanitation industry, it’s crucial to know what you’re dealing with. Here at Ingram and Greene Sanitation, we have a thorough knowledge of basic septic Paso Robles systems. The basic septic system consists of a tank and drain (or leach) field. One might say that the tank acts as a “solids trap.” Inside the tank, solids are separated from the liquids and help to allow bacteria to break them down. Once broken down into liquid form, they pass into the drain field where they are filtered into the soil.

Services that we offer

At Ingram and Greene Sanitation, we offer our customers a wide array of services from all areas of our trade, some of which include septic and grease trap pumping, repairs and installations of leach field and septic tanks, city sewage hook ups, hydrojetting sewer lines, electronic tank and line locating, certification and Escrow inspections, power snake line cleaning, underground utilities, video line inspections, poly lock septic risers, installation and reparation of sewage ejection pumps, distribution of Zabel Filter Bioforce bacteria and root, and more!


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